When vehicle issues arise, roadside assistance can help you maneuver the situation quickly and efficiently. However, to ensure your safety while waiting, it's important to take the necessary precautions. After carefully pulling off to the side of the road, follow these do's and don'ts. 


Make yourself visible. 

It can be hard to identify roadside hazards when visibility is limited, like at nighttime, during dusk, and when it's overcast. Even in complete daylight, drivers can overlook vehicles parked on the shoulder, especially if the roadway is busy or they're distracted. To reduce the risk of a collision, turn on your hazards to help the vehicle stand out. If you have flares or reflective cones in the trunk, place them around the vehicle to alert other drivers of your presence.

Stay in the vehicle. 

roadside assistance

Exiting the car puts you at risk for injuries from passing traffic. For that reason, it's recommended to wait inside the vehicle in most instances. If you do need to get out, like when placing flares, exit from the passenger side, which is safely away from the flow of traffic. Additionally, never stand behind or in front of the car, as you may not be immediately visible to others.


Drain your phone's battery. 

Along with reaching family members or friends to let them know what has happened, you also need to be able to contact emergency services or stay in contact with the roadside assistance crew for arrival updates. For these reasons, limit phone time to emergency situations to prevent the battery from dying. If you have a charger, plug in the phone to extend its power as long as possible. 

Leave personal belongings in the car. 

Roadside assistance can provide on-site repairs for certain issues such as flat tires. However, some problems may require a tow to a local shop for repairs. If this is the case, gather your belongings while waiting to make sure you can easily access them once the vehicle is towed. Such items include keys, wallet, insurance card, and vehicle registration documents. Doing so now prevents any last-minute rushing and ensures you have all the necessary information to file an insurance claim.

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