Knee pain, whether acute or chronic, occurs in people of all ages. It stems from a variety of medical and injury-related causes, and it can negatively affect your quality of life. As the premier bone health center of Jefferson County, CO, OsteoStrong® Lakewood can help reduce your aches and pains. The guide below explains what you should know about easing knee pain and the OsteoStrong program. 

What Causes Knee Pain?

Many problems can result in knee pain, but it is primarily caused by injuries or arthritis. ACL injuries, tearing in the anterior cruciate ligament, runner’s knee, kneecap damage, and patellar tendinitis are all common conditions in athletes and highly active people. Other problems, like knee fractures and meniscal tears, can happen to anyone. There are many different types of arthritis, but the most common variety associated with knee pain is osteoarthritis. This swelling of the knee joints occurs as a result of regular wear and tear that comes with age and frequent use.

knee painWhat Are the Symptoms?

Depending on the cause of the pain, symptoms may vary in intensity and location. Those with knee pain will typically experience swelling, stiffness, instability, inflammation, and unusual popping noises coming from joints. Those with debilitating symptoms should visit their physician to develop an effective treatment plan to improve their condition.

How Can OsteoStrong Help?

No matter what the cause or symptoms are, OsteoStrong can bring real results. Your skeletal system provides support and strength to your joints, so when it becomes weakened, you can experience pain and have difficulty moving properly. That’s why strengthening your skeletal system is critical. OsteoStrong focuses on boosting skeletal strength through osteogenic loading, which utilizes low-impact training to stimulate the bearing of exercise on bones. This triggers bone growth naturally, and also strengthens the ligaments and tendons. Improved bone health can reduce knee, back, and hip pain, offering your body some much-needed relief.


Is your knee pain impeding normal functions throughout your daily life? Join OsteoStrong Lakewood to bolster your skeletal system and promote healthier bones. As a holistic and safe approach to increasing bone density, their system gives you the benefit of high-impact exercise without increasing your risk of injury. The program is perfect for those who suffer from poor posture, osteoporosis, joint pain, or diabetes, or those who simply want to enhance their athletic performance. Call (303) 835-7000 to discuss your needs with a helpful representative. For detailed information about their methods and why they work, visit their website.