Electronic equipment will remain safe and secure in a storage unit if you don't have enough room at home. However, you must take the right steps when preparing equipment to prevent damage and wear from taking their toll. Here are a few important guidelines to remember as you pack your devices away.


Remove all wires & accessories.

Cords, cables, and peripherals, such as mice and keyboards, must all be detached before an item can be stored. Removing attachments makes it easier to pack up electronics, but it also keeps cables and accessories safe.

Take pictures of the cords and accessories attached to your devices for easy reinstallation. After detaching the cables, wrap and label them carefully. 

Use original packaging.  

storage unit

Whether it's a television, gaming system, or laptop, your item is best protected by its original packaging. The outer cardboard box will be the proper size, while the foam inserts are ideal for cushioning the device while in storage. If you don't have the original box, use a similarly sized cardboard one and fill it with foam packing materials for added protection. 


Use plastic covers. 

Plastic covers can trap moisture, which will have a detrimental impact on electronic items. If you're looking for extra protection from dust and debris, use antistatic packaging materials instead.

Wrap each device in an antistatic covering before placing it in its box. The cover will safeguard sensitive components, such as computer processors, from static electricity. 

Store without cleaning. 

A climate-controlled storage unit will protect your device from extreme temperatures and humidity. However, these aren't the only risks for your equipment. Cleaning each device before storing removes any dust or debris lingering on it.

Dust can make its way into electronics and damage sensitive components. A microfiber cloth will remove exterior dust, while compressed gas can clear out keyboards and other items. 


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