Many boat owners believe that the best time to sell a boat is in the spring. Since the new model year for boats starts in the summer, owners may be eager to offload an old craft to prepare for a new one. However, you can avoid the stiff competition and potentially lower sale prices you might encounter in the spring by selling to eager buyers in the fall. Below are some of the most compelling reasons to sell your boat before winter.

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Sell a Boat

1. Save Money on Storage

It’s no secret that winter boat storage can be an expensive service, costing as much as $200 per foot of boat in some areas. Fuel in the tank will need to be winterized, instruments will have to be protected, and professional shrink-wrapping to protect the hull will also bring total winter expenses to a sizable amount.

sell a boatBy selling in the fall, you can not only recoup some of the costs of the boat itself, but you can also save on future storage expenses. Canceling the insurance after you’ve sold a boat will also save you money, helping you to prepare for buying your next vessel.

2. Be in a Better Bargaining Position

As boaters wind down for the winter, so do sales, and dealers often have stock that they’re eager to shift. Since they’re hoping to recoup as much of their investment as possible, you may find yourself in a better bargaining position than you would during warmer weather. Selling in the fall will even the selling field, allowing you to get a fairer price for your boat.

3. Sell Within the Model Year

Waiting to sell your boat in the spring, especially later in the season as summer approaches, will increase the vessel’s age by a year. This can make the boat less appealing to new buyers. Selling in the fall will result in higher National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) book values, with the increased sale price going a long way towards your next purchase.

4. Order Early for the Following Year

If you’re selling your boat to make way for a new vessel, doing so in fall will give you plenty of time to choose the model, colors, and options ahead of time. You can use a small portion of the money from the sale as a down payment on this next boat, setting aside the rest until delivery and full payment are due.


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