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106 S 2nd St, Black River Falls, WI 54615

About Buswell Funeral Home

Life is precious, and even when the life of someone we love is lost, there’s still hope in honoring that person. Buswell Funeral Home in Black River Falls, WI, offers numerous funeral services you and your family can use for a personalized farewell celebration. Their professional staff works closely with you to ensure all arrangements are taken care of. Your time for grief, along with how you’re treated, is of the utmost importance to them.


Whether you need advice in funeral pre-planning or resources to start the healing process, the funeral director and staff here will be there as your anchors in troubling seas. They’ll make sure the services are carried out in a loving, memorable way. They also have expert designers who can help craft an obituary fitting for your loved one.


From grief counseling to burial services, you will experience a warm, loving embrace from this staff during your time of need. Contact Buswell Funeral Home today at (715) 284-2231 or visit them online for more information.