Adding a pool table to your business provides patrons with hours of entertainment. Tables appeal to novices and seasoned pros alike and offer a variety of game options using different balls and setups. If you’re considering this worthy investment, get answers to common questions here. 

What to Know About Pool Tables

What is the regulation table size?

Regulation pool tables approved for tournament play are generally 9 feet long, or 100 inches by 50 inches. The other common tournament table is 8 feet long, or 92 inches by 42 inches; however, many bars, pubs, and gaming centers feature tables 8.5 and 7 feet long. 

To determine the right table size for your commercial space, you’ll need to consider how much room is needed for cue use. As a general rule, purchase a 7-foot table for a room 13 feet wide and 16 feet long, an 8-foot table for a 13'6" by 17' space, and a 9-foot table for a 14’ by 18’ room. 

Do tables come in different materials?

Billiard tables come in several material options, including slate, hardwood, and veneer. Italian slate-made tables offer exceptional durability, as do most hardwood varieties. 

Veneer provides an eco-friendly option because it conserves wood; however, the composite material usually does not last as long and is often used for kids’ tables. 

How heavy are they? 

Weight naturally depends on the material used. Most tables weigh between 500 and 1,000 pounds, with slate and hardwood being the heavier options. No matter how heavy your chosen table is, ensure the flooring offers maximum support. 

Flexing on a low-quality floor from player movement-related stress can eventually impact the table’s balance and affect game outcomes. 

How do you clean them?

Many pool tables feature felt because it allows balls to travel quickly. Since the material can accumulate debris such as dust, paper bits, food particles, and skin cells over time, it requires regular cleaning. 

How often you should clean the felt depends on how often the table gets used. Nightly uses in a bar setting, for example, benefit from cleaning every day or every two days, while a table in an entertainment center that doesn’t see routine play can be cleaned monthly. 

Do not vacuum particles off the felt since suction will stretch the material. Instead, carefully brush particles in the same direction using a special billiard cloth available in pool accessory kits. 


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