As a homeowner, you look for opportunities to protect your investment and enjoy your living space. By undertaking a few autumn home remodeling projects, life can become more comfortable later. Here are a few options to enhance and maintain your property while saving time and money.  

3 Projects for Autumn Home Remodeling 

1. Install Double-Pane Windows

One practical home remodeling project to complete before cold weather arrives is replacing single-pane windows with double-pane versions. Single-pane windows allow significant indoor heat to escape, which leads to higher utility bills. 


Double-pane windows provide additional insulation because they have a gas or air pocket between the two glass panes. The pocket slows heat and cold transfer, making the windows more energy efficient. 

2. Paint Your Home    

Whether you paint the exterior, interior, or both, the fall weather is still warm enough to leave windows open to allow paint to dry and let fresh air circulate. Inspect your home's siding and replace any damaged sections or install new siding if it is near the end of its useful life.   

3. Clean or Replace Roofing and Gutters

Inspect your roofing and gutters now and clear them out for the coming rain and snow. Now is a great time for getting rid of debris, replacing any broken or bent gutters, and installing gutter guards and filters. These activities ensure water flows freely away from your home and prevents moisture buildup and damage. 

Check that your roof is clean and free from mold and moss, and replace any broken, warped or missing shingles. If you have an aging or damaged roof, replacing it now is a remodeling project that will give you peace of mind throughout the fall and winter.


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