With the endless array of design options available to decorate children’s rooms, the choices can be overwhelming. It’s easier to create a functional and beautiful space if you know what not to do. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when choosing children’s furniture and other components to decorate your little one’s room.

3 Children’s Room Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

1. Minimizing Color

Kids gravitate to bright, cheery hues, so cover bare white walls with vibrant colors. Since it’s easier to change the paint than find coordinating children’s furniture, choose the essential pieces, like the bed and desk, before settling on a wall color. 

2. Focusing Too Much on Fads

children's furnitureBe careful with trendy or character-themed decorations. What may be the latest style now could become obsolete as your child moves up a few grades in school. Rather than permanently incorporating cartoon characters and superheroes, you can use their colors or pick up branded accent pieces like clocks and lamps.

3. Not Getting Kids’ Feedback

Although you have the final say on buying your children’s furniture and decor, getting their feedback is helpful since they should be happy living in their room. Take them along to furniture stores during the browsing phase. As you check out different sets and pieces, ask for their opinions. You also want to consider what they don’t like in addition to what they love.


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