With summer here, many recreational vehicle (RV) enthusiasts are gearing up for riding and adventuring. Before you get on your quad, hop in your boat, or hit the road in your RV, work with an insurance agency to ensure you have adequate coverage. Doing so will provide you with a host of protections, including the ones outlined in the guide below. 

3 Reasons to Call Your Insurance Agency About ATV & RV Coverage

1. Personal Injuries

ATVs and other RVs may be fun, but they also come with risks. ATVs lack an outer shell to protect drivers. As such, in the event of an accident, the chance of someone sustaining significant injuries is high.

With boats, the high speeds and unpredictable conditions increase the chances of an accident. Without proper insurance, you’ll be forced to pay out-of-pocket for any hospital bills that may result, which could put you under significant financial duress. 

2. Liability Coverage

insurance agencyFor many people, riding an ATV or RV is a social activity. Whether you’re out to sea or exploring a woodsy path with friends, there will likely be other drivers in the area.

If you get into a collision, having insurance in place is crucial. If not, and you’re found to be liable for the accident, you could be held financially responsible for any expenses incurred by the other party. 

3. Property Damage

ATVs and RVs aren’t the most budget-friendly toys on the market. As such, you want to ensure your investment is properly protected. In the event of an accident, your insurance will kick in to cover the cost of any damages or repairs, so you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket beyond your deductible.


If you need to invest in coverage for your ATV or RV, turn to the agents at Sweeney Insurance Agency in Kodiak, AK. Since 1969, this insurance agency has helped residents throughout Alaska protect their important assets. Visit the website to learn more about their offerings, and call (907) 486-3101 to request a free quote.