If you lose valuables to a theft or major weather event, your homeowner’s insurance company will likely have questions about the property that was lost. Listing everything that was damaged, stolen, or destroyed after the fact can be impossible, which is why a comprehensive inventory is important. Knowing how to prepare a list of your belongings can expedite the process if you need to file a home insurance claim.

A Brief Guide to Home Inventory Lists

What Is an Inventory?

An inventory is simply a list of all the belongings in your house, including descriptions, serial numbers, and model names. Include where it was purchased and how much you paid for certain high-value items. Having this information on hand helps your insurance company evaluate your claim and ensure you’re fairly compensated.

When to Prepare a Home Inventory

If you don’t already have a home inventory list prepared, now is the best time to start. Disasters can happen at any time, so even an incomplete list is better than none at all.

homeowner's insuranceUpdate your inventory every time you make a major purchase or receive an expensive gift. If you’ve just bought artwork or electronics, ask your agent if you need to purchase additional coverage.

How to Prepare Your Inventory

While you may prepare a list with paper and pen, most prefer to do it electronically. Since most homeowner’s insurance claims are handled online, having a digital record of your belongings can make the process even faster.

Many companies offer apps that allow you to take a picture of each object and type in details about the value and purchase date. However, video is usually the easiest way to prepare an inventory. Walk through your house, point out each item, and record the model and serial numbers of your valuable products.

Storing Your Inventory List

Unfortunately, any event that damages your home can also ruin your hard drive. The best approach is to keep a copy of your inventory in the cloud, where it will be accessible if you need to file a claim. If you decide to keep a paper copy, consider keeping it in a fireproof safe or a safety deposit box.


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