Beneath your countertops, cabinets, and kitchen walls is an intricate electrical system that creates a multifunctional space. The proper wiring powers your most-used appliances and illuminates the room, which is why new electrical installations are an important part of a remodel. Here are several to consider while you plan your renovations.

How to Upgrade Kitchen Wiring

1. Replace the Wiring

electrical installation

New wiring ensures your kitchen adheres to building codes and that damaged components don’t create fires and shock risks. Homes built between 1965 and 1973 used inefficient aluminum wiring rather than copper that corrodes and fails easily. If you have an older home, an electrician will suggest a total replacement. 

Flickering lights and tripping circuit breakers are also signs that old wiring can’t handle the needs of a modern kitchen.

2. Add Dedicated Circuits

Appliances are the heart of your kitchen, and they draw a lot of electricity. Electricians recommend dedicated circuits for the stove, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, and other major appliances. These have a single wall outlet dedicated to the specific appliance. 

There’s no chance the high amount of power in the wiring will trip the circuit in the breaker box, or the large electrical panel that all of your home's wiring connects to. Determine what appliances you intend to add and where. The electrician will have an easier time adding wall wiring before cabinets and other fixtures are in the way.

3. Customize the Lighting

Lighting plays many roles in the kitchen, and you’ll want to expand the room’s wiring for new fixtures. Many homeowners add task lighting directly over stoves and islands for food prep and ambient lighting over a breakfast bar or dining area. 

Consider unique options like under cabinet lighting to illuminate dark spaces, and ask the electrical installation professional about dimmer switches for even greater control of the room.


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