Cross-docking is a logistics maneuver in which transported products spend very little time in a storage area. This reduces the handling time of items and gets the product to the customer quicker, which can be advantageous for high rotational items that need cold storage. Below is a guide explaining what cross-docking is and how it can be beneficial to your company.

What Cross-docking Entails

Typically, when a product arrives by truck or train, it is designated an area in the warehouse. Products are screened, sorted, and moved to their designated area until the transportation is provided for pick up. During a cross-docking exchange, items are unloaded into a terminal, which is usually much smaller than normal terminals. They are then screened to verify content, sorted to find out where each product must go, and then reloading directly onto a truck or train on the other side of the terminal. Once reloaded, the product is sent off to the customer. Items requiring cold storage gain an advantage here if the warehouse owners have a temperature controlled loading area. 

Why It’s Beneficial 

Cold StorageCross-docking provides a centralized location to sort similar products to multiple customers quickly. The process is referred to as a “hub and spoke,” in which the warehouse is the hub, and each destination is a spoke. Through consolidated arrangements, several trucks can meet at the same warehouse and unload similar products going to the same client, which saves on transportation costs. Primary products for cross-docking are cold storage items, high-quality items not requiring quality inspections, and promotional items.

In order to prevent possible loss of inventory over the long term, warehouse and supply chain managers should be implemented to maintain inventory control processes.


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