Coping with allergies can be frustrating. However, it's essential to find the proper medication that can control your symptoms so that you can remain comfortable. When over-the-counter solutions don’t work, or you want to find a more permanent method to treat your allergies, you might consider visiting your family doctor. The following guide can help you with this approach.

Why Should You See a Doctor for Allergies?

Over-the-counter antihistamines are often effective in helping relieve the symptoms of low-grade allergies. Mild hay fever, for example, may produce some sniffling but won’t typically interfere with your quality of life or ability to manage your daily routine. However, more severe symptoms can be uncomfortable. Asthma can cause wheezing and coughing that’s uncontrollable, and your allergies may cause your chest to tighten. 

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When your allergies start to disrupt your activities, cause you to feel sick frequently, and make it difficult for you to breathe, it’s best to visit your family doctor. You should also make an appointment if your symptoms worsen or if the medication doesn't help.

How They Can Help You Experience Relief

Your family doctor can do a lot to help you find relief. They’ll begin by performing a test to determine the source of your allergies. Once those tests are complete, your provider can then select the most appropriate treatment method. For some people, allergy shots may be the most suitable choice. These are administered in the office every couple of weeks. The key is to stick to this schedule, as regular injections will minimize the severity of the immune system’s response to the allergens. Daily immunotherapy tablets may be recommended if you prefer a medication you can use at home. 

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