Buying a house is one of the most exciting life steps there is. However, nothing can bring you back to Earth quite as fast as learning the home you decided to buy has termite damage. As unfortunate as this information may be, it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Scheduling a termite inspection will help you identify the extent of the destruction and determine if the pests are still present. Learn more about this process to get started on repairs and get your deal going again.

What Will a Termite Inspection Cover?

If termites are caught early on, the damage they cause is typically only minimal. However, a specialized termite inspection is often required to find these early signs.

termite inspectionA termite inspector will visually check the entirety of the interior and exterior of the home for live insects. They'll also look for termite activity, such as droppings, discarded wings, mud tubes, and hollow or damaged wood. Finally, they'll identify any access points or conditions that might attract termites, including cracks in the foundation or around plumbing, expansion joints in the garage, hollow block walls, plumbing leaks, and wood-to-soil contact.

How Can an Inspection Help With Negotiations?

If termite damage is already known, you can ask the seller to treat the property. Afterward, schedule a termite inspection to make sure the process was successful and identify all areas that were damaged. You can then use this information to negotiate a price to cover repairs and prevent future infestations.

Including a contingency with the inspection is also helpful in case the report goes poorly. If a serious termite infestation has already resulted in costly structural damage, a contingency will help you back out of an accepted offer without penalty.

As with our company, some home inspectors are certified to perform the termite inspection along with the home inspection  


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