Every noteworthy establishment has something that makes them unique, whether it’s a special dish or signature drink. While Kawailoa Tavern is recognized for their quality selection of Hawaiian food, this locally owned bar is also known as the only location on Oahu that serves alcohol shave ice. The coolness of the treat combined with its assortment of flavorings is an experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

What Is Shave Ice?

Shave ice was first introduced to Hawaii region by Japanese immigrant workers at the plantations in Haleiwa. On their days off, they carved up huge blocks of ice with heirloom swords into fine chips. These were then portioned out and sweetened to create a cool treat that provided relief from the tropical weather.

barIt wasn’t until the 1920s that shave ice shops started to open all across the islands. New techniques were developed to make production more efficient, and additional flavorings were concocted to sweeten the ice. As the industry continued to expand, shave ice became a staple among locals.

How Is Alcohol Shave Ice Made?

Since alcohol tends to melt ice at a faster rate, Kawailoa Tavern uses coarser ice to hold up better. Customers are given a choice of sizes, ranging from small to large, as well as alcohol bases that include tequila, rum, vodka, sake, and soju. Next comes the locally sourced flavored syrups and a topping of either li hing powder or condensed milk to complete the treat. If customers can’t make up their mind about which shave ice to try, premade bar-inspired options are available, like the daiquiri, mai tai, pina colada, and margarita.  

Interested in sampling alcohol shave ice? Gather up your friends and visit the bar at Kawailoa Tavern! With a vast selection of quality food and exceptional service, this locally owned restaurant offers a fun environment for all ages. They provide seating in both the outdoor deck and interior dining room as well as a collection of board games to make your meal all the more enjoyable. Learn more about the dinner and bar menu options by calling (808) 744-3754 or visiting their website.