The battery life on a MacBook® is more powerful than ever before, lasting an average of eight hours of continual use between charging. While efficient, it’s possible to significantly improve the battery life of your new or used MacBook with only a few simple tweaks. Here are some simple tricks to try out.

How to Prolong the Battery Life of Your MacBook

1. Reduce Display Brightness

New and used MacBook screens feature large retina display technology that not only makes them vivid but also power-hungry. In fact, the majority of a laptop's battery life is dedicated to powering the screen.

To prolong the life of your battery, consider disabling the auto-brightness setting and dimming your screen through your computer's system preferences. While this will mute the display colors slightly, it can extend the life of your battery by several hours. 

2. Turn Off Keyboard Backlights

used MacBookWhile the backlight on a MacBook's keyboard is an attractive and practical feature for working in low light conditions, if you rarely use your laptop in the dark, the added light source is only an additional drain on your battery.

To turn this feature off, use the keyboard setting under your system preferences. Here you can decide to turn the backlight off completely or after a certain period of inactivity.

3. Close Applications After Use

Like many individuals, you may be prone to leaving applications running long after you've finished working with them. While a single open app might not drain much energy on its own, the energy demand can add up quickly when numerous applications are left running for extended periods. Use the energy tab in your computer's activity monitor to get a better idea of which apps are the most draining, and make sure to close them completely after each use.


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