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Maui Nui Venison
335 Merchant St, Unit 2772, Honolulu, HI 96813

About Maui Nui Venison

Are you having trouble locating quality venison meat? Individuals across the Aloha state run into issues tracking down decent jerky without breaking the bank. As the only supplier of USDA jerky products in Hawaii, Maui Nui Venison offers a premium selection of hard-to-find venison jerky affordable prices.


Your taste buds are in for a rich and flavorful melody of wholesome ingredients combined with locally sourced venison meat, humanely harvested in the wild. These professionals only utilize deer meat that is extraordinarily lean and notably more tender than species found on the mainland. There’s no reason to worry about extra fat; this jerky features 1 percent intramuscular fat, resulting in a greater protein-to-fat ratio in each serving.


All of the venison products offered by Maui Nui Venison originate from the windswept grasslands of Maui. Their supplier harvests only wild Axis deer, which are considered an invasive species in Hawaii. These professionals adhere to strict USDA requirements and use game harvested with no baits, fences, or pens.


Take your pick of all-natural selections, including peppered jerky bars and venison sticks that are free of gluten, MSG, and nitrates. Skilled staff members meticulously package meats to seal in and preserve flavors for the perfect moment. Feel free to ask them questions and concerns regarding harvesting methods and nutritional facts.


For the clean, wild, and affordable venison jerky you deserve, reach out to the trusted team at Maui Nui Venison. Call them today at (808) 781-7339 or visit them online for more information.