When it comes to car accidents, Arkansas is a fault state, which means those who cause wrecks are ultimately responsible for covering the associated damages. In order to secure a payout from the negligent driver’s insurer, you must gather adequate proof of fault. If you’re unsure how to do so, here’s a handy guide on getting started. 

Individuals Who Can Help 

A seasoned attorney will have the knowledge and resources needed to investigate the wreck in which you were hurt. Over the course of the investigation, your lawyer might consult with accident reconstruction experts, the officers who responded to the scene, and other motorists and passengers who witnessed the crash.

Depending on the underlying cause of the collision, your legal team may also have to consult automotive mechanics, vehicle manufacturers, or government agents. Regardless of how demanding the investigation is, you won’t have to correspond with any such parties personally as long as you turn to a reputable firm for guidance. 

Evidence That Can Strengthen Your Case 

car accidentArkansas has a modified comparative fault rule, which means plaintiffs are barred from recovering any compensation if they’re deemed 50% or more liable. That means if you played a role in the wreck, you’ll need to gather sufficient evidence that it was a minor role. This is in addition to proving that the opposing party played a major role. 

Evidence that will contribute to your claim includes the official police report, statements from eyewitnesses, photographs of the scene, and dashcam footage or surveillance recordings. If the at-fault motorist had been texting and driving, you may need his or her cellphone records, too. If, on the other hand, he or she was impaired, the associated toxicology reports will help build your claim. 


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