Millions of Americans are involved in auto collisions every year, many of whom are seriously injured. Unfortunately, a lot of people who get in car accidents aren’t properly compensated because they don’t understand the legal system or don’t take the proper steps after a crash. Here’s what you should do immediately following a car collision. 

3 Steps to Take After a Car Accident Injury

1. Seek Medical Attention

Even if you feel fine after an accident, visit your doctor or the emergency room. Many times, injuries can take days to weeks before the symptoms manifest. As a result, there may be complications. 

car accidentAdditionally, the insurance company will require proof that your medical injuries were treated right away. This shows that the symptoms are tied to the car crash. After visiting a doctor, make sure to stick to their instructions carefully and follow up with them as necessary. Finally, keep copies of any medical records. 

2. Call the Police

After a car accident, most people are anxious and not at their best. Police have experience in these situations, and they can spot problems and deal with the other parties. They’ll provide an objective perspective, relieving some of the stress. Additionally, they’ll fill out the accident report and question the involved parties. Without this report, it becomes a lot harder to prove that the incident happened and that the injuries are related.  

3. Gather Evidence & Information

Write down the name of the police person you speak to, as you may need it in court or to file an insurance claim. Also, get contact information from any involved parties, including their driver’s license number, insurance information, and address. If there were any witnesses, ask for their contact information, as well. Next, take pictures or videos of the accident scene, recording vehicle damage, the people involved, and the conditions that led to the crash.


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