If you’re opening up a retail store, you have many important decisions to make, including choosing a paint color for your interior. The right interior painting color will enhance the appearance of your store and even influence customers’ buying habits. Here are some tips for selecting a color.

A Guide for Picking a Paint Color for Your Retail Store

1. Consider Colors Related to Your Industry

Different colors are associated with different industries. If you choose an interior painting color typically associated with your industry, it can help highlight your products.

For example, if your store sells surfing and beach gear, paint the walls various shades of blue. If your store carries climbing gear, opt for earthy tones, like emerald green and brown. These colors may remind your customers of the outdoors and entice them to shop more.

2. Look at Your Customer Base

interior paintingWhen deciding on interior painting colors, think about the types of customers you want to attract. For instance, if your products are geared toward a younger crowd, opt for warm and bright colors, like orange or yellow. On the other hand, if you want to attract older customers, select cooler tones, such as beige or navy blue.

3. Keep Your Merchandise & Packaging in Mind

The paint color for your store’s interior should complement the packaging of your merchandise, not clash with it or wash it out. For example, if your packaging is mainly blue, choose cool paint colors, like white or grey, but not other shades of blue.


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