Dealing with the loss of a baby is an overwhelming experience for many women. Because emotions can vary, there is no right or wrong way of coping with a miscarriage. Fertility clinic specialists often suggest that women who experience a loss should allow as much time as needed to process what happened. Here are several ways to navigate through the aftermath of a miscarriage. 

3 Tips for Coping Through a Miscarriage 

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

fertility clinicAllow yourself to cope with your feelings in a way that is uniquely yours. From writing down your emotions to painting or drawing, use a method that best works for you.

Take time off from work or limit communication with others so that you have the space to heal at your own pace. By taking your time and not feeling pressured (whether self-imposed or from others) to get back into your routine, the healing process works more in your favor. 

2. Allow Your Partner to Cope With You

Some women lean on their partners for support. They can be there for you to listen to your feelings about the experience without judgment. If and when the time emerges, a supportive partner can also be by your side during visits to the fertility clinic. By allowing your partner to cope with you, recovery won’t feel as isolating.

3. Join a Support Group

There is a strong connection between women who have had miscarriages. Consider joining a support group where there is ample and non-judgmental emotional space to share experiences.

Talking with other women may also help minimize feelings that you’re alone. If you’re not sure where to turn for assistance and have worked with a fertility clinic, they will likely be able to refer you to a mental health professional or a grief counselor. 



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