During a divorce case, a court will determine the best interests of the child and may award joint custody to the parents. However, parents must get along for this arrangement to succeed. If you need to be amicable with your former spouse, these tips will help you navigate the process.

How Can You Handle Joint Custody?

1. Demonstrate a Cooperative Spirit   

Showing a cooperative attitude will make it easier to get along with your former partner. One way to cooperate is to avoid saying negative things about them to or around your children. Kids love both of their parents; since little ones associate themselves with both adults, they may internalize those comments, impacting how they view themselves. Speaking harshly about another parent may also make it challenging for your child to obey them, leading to a negative impact on their long-term relationship.  

2. Set Realistic Schedules


Review your schedule and be realistic about how you can share custody. Factor in work or school obligations that limit spending time with the kids during certain days of the week. Make accommodations when possible, such as alternating time spent with both families during the holidays or summer. Don't try to take up too much time as a way of retaliating against the other parent. Keeping your promises to your children and ensuring that they have an equal amount of time with each parent will help strengthen their feelings of trust and stability.   

3. Consider Each Child

Take each child's personality into account. Every child has different wants, needs, and interests that change as they mature. If the joint custody agreement requires alternating between households, make sure the schedule is flexible enough to accommodate each child. For example, consider each child's school and extracurricular activities, medical needs, and friends. An experienced family law attorney can help you formulate an effective plan for sharing custody so that your children feel protected and loved.


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