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About Ronald D. Zipp Attorney at Law

When You Need Justice We're There

Going through any type of legal proceeding can be overwhelming, so it helps to have an experienced lawyer by your side. Ronald D. Zipp, Attorney at Law is a general law attorney in New Braunfels, TX who focuses on the following specialty areas:

  • Criminal Law: Have you been falsely accused of a crime, or were you the victim of corruption? Ronald D. Zipp, Attorney at Law is a seasoned attorney who will fight to get justice for you. With his range of defense strategies, the outcome for your case promises to be a much better one than going it alone.
  • Family Law: When a lot rides on the outcome of a family law case, namely your child’s welfare, or getting a clean cut from an unproductive relationship, Ronald D. Zipp, Attorney at Law not only lends a compassionate ear, he fights to win the best case scenario for your custody, adoption or divorce proceedings.
  • Personal injury Law: An injury as a result of negligence can wreak havoc on your life, but you can put the pieces back together with fair compensation.

When your freedom, finances, and good name hang in the balance, it pays to hire a skilled attorney. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of the specialty attorneys at Ronald D. Zipp, Attorney at Law, call (830) 629-5600 today.