Pets are often considered part of the family. While they can be a source of joy in the household, they can also pose challenges for carpet cleaning. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your flooring in great condition. If you have a pet, follow these tips to protect your home's carpeting.

A Guide to Carpet Care for Pet Owners

1. Treat Accidents Immediately

Regardless of age or training, accidents can happen. The quicker it's cleaned up, the less likely urine is to leave an odor or cause discoloration, so it's important to react as soon as you realize an accident has happened. 

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First, use a clean cloth to blot up the moisture, and apply a spot treatment designed for pet urine. If the moisture had time to soak in before you caught it, professional odor removal may be necessary to permanently remove the scent-producing bacteria. 

2. Apply a Stain-Blocking Protectant

You can then add a treatment that forms an invisible barrier over the carpet, like Scotchgard. Such an application helps block out moisture, which prevents unpleasant odors as well as stains. That way, you can easily wipe up spills and accidents. You can also have the solution applied to furniture to keep it looking fresher for longer. 

3. Stay on Top of Grooming

Cat and dog nails can catch on the carpet and rip the material. Their hair and dander can also build up in the fibers, along with dirt that falls off their paws and coat. To help keep the flooring fresh in-between carpet cleanings, make sure to regularly trim and file your pet's nails. Additionally, give them a weekly or monthly bath and brush their hair every few days to remove dirt and excess hair. 


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