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Donnie Martin Heating & Cooling

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35 West St, Lucasville, OH 45648

About Donnie Martin Heating & Cooling

When the weather takes a turn outside, it’s imperative to have your home’s heating and cooling systems operating at peak efficiency. Donnie Martin Heating & Cooling in Lucasville, OH, provides unmatched HVAC repairs and inspections so that you’re always prepared for a shift in weather. For over 30 years, these trained and highly qualified HVAC technicians have been the difference in comfort for customers seeking heating and cooling solutions.


You can rest assured you’re getting the most bang for your buck from these HVAC technicians. They offer a number of affordable services to maintain your heating and cooling systems, including air conditioning and furnace repairs, air duct inspections, and new installations. They use industry-proven tools and techniques for thorough cleanings, ridding your home of contaminants and large accumulations of dust.


Donnie Martin Heating & Cooling does everything within their power to repair your HVAC systems and maintain their efficiency. Contact their team of HVAC technicians today for your free estimate by calling (740) 259-4512 or by visiting them online.



(2 reviews)