Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary for your health. However, your dentist still needs to correct the resulting misalignment in your jaw. Otherwise, you could end up with jaw pain, headaches, tinnitus, trouble chewing or producing saliva, digestive issues, sleep apnea, and more. Tooth replacement may require mild oral surgery, but it will keep you healthy. Here are a few options for replacing a tooth.

3 Ways to Replace a Missing Tooth 

1. Dentures 

dentistA common and reliable choice, dentures come in various types. You can get partial dentures if the missing teeth are in the same area. Complete dentures are available if all or most of your teeth are gone.  

Although standard dentures are useful, they must be bonded to your gums with adherent, which sometimes irritates your gums, and they may slide out of place. They also require consistent maintenance and wear down after a few years. Implant dentures are an excellent alternative. The dentist will insert screws, studs, or bars into your gums, then fasten the dentures over them. They’re highly durable and more likely to stay securely in place without a problem for about 20 years. 

2. Fixed Bridges 

For small gaps between teeth, fixed bridges are usually sufficient, but there are multiple types. A tooth-supported fixed bridge places abutments over the teeth on either side of the gap, holding the bridge between them. Another option is an implant-supported fixed bridge, which achieves the same objective by setting the bridge over screws inserted into your gums. An implant-supported fixed bridge may do a better job of preventing your jawbone from deteriorating. Either way, fixed bridges are tough enough to last about a decade before needing to be replaced. All you have to do to maintain them is to brush twice and floss once daily. 

3. Dental Implants 

A dental implant is likely the most appropriate option if you only have one missing tooth per gap. Your dentist will insert a screw or stud into the gums, then top it with an abutment made to look like a real tooth. In addition to realigning your bite, the implant preserves your jawbone mass. They’re also strong enough to last for 25 years with normal oral hygiene care. 


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