National Tooth Fairy Day is coming up on February 28th. Honoring the tooth fairy is an opportunity to get your child excited about taking care of their teeth and going to the dentist. As you learn more about the holiday, consider traditions you could start for your family.

What Is the History Behind the Tooth Fairy? 

Many cultures have practiced rituals to commemorate the loss of baby teeth since ancient times. However, the concept of the tooth fairy may have begun in 17th-century France, where baby teeth were placed inside shoes at night and replaced with small gifts by morning. It may also have come from a Norse tradition called “tand-fé,” translated to “tooth fee,” in which the first baby tooth is exchanged for money because they were regarded as good luck charms in battle. 

However, the modern-day tooth fairy could have originated in the early 1900s. On September 27th, 1908, the Chicago Daily Tribune printed the following suggestion by Lillian Brown in response to children being reluctant to have a tooth removed by a parent or dentist: “Many a refractory child will allow a loose tooth to be removed if he knows about the Tooth Fairy. If he takes his little tooth and puts it under the pillow when he goes to bed the Tooth Fairy will come in the night and take it away, and in its place will leave some little gift.” 

How Can You Celebrate with Your Children? 

dentistFirst, have a discussion with your children about the importance of dental health and why they must visit the dentist twice a year. Get dentist recommendations for dental apps for a phone or tablet that might make brushing teeth more fun and interesting for your child.  

Select a movie to watch together while eating healthy snacks, like small vegetables, sliced fruit, or pieces of cheese. Some family movies include the tooth fairy as a character. While watching the movie, draw pictures of the tooth fairy or create a simple pillow for keeping teeth safe until the tooth fairy comes.


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