Many teenagers wear braces to correct overbites, teeth overcrowding, and other issues. Straighter teeth can improve the ability to talk and eat. When going over options, consider getting your teen Invisalign® instead of metal braces. Here’s why your child will be grateful for the clear aligners. 

Why Your Teenager Should Use Invisalign

1. Confidence Boost

Even though their teeth will eventually be straight, metal braces can make some teens self-conscious. This means it could be months or years before they’re willing to show off their smile. Invisalign is clear, so others won’t notice your teen wearing them. Being able to straighten their teeth discreetly will give your child a confidence boost.  

2. Freedom to Play Sports

Bolivar-Missouri-InvisalignWhen wearing traditional wire braces, playing sports can be dangerous. A fall or blow to the face can cause the metal to cut the gums or inside of the cheek.

Made of flexible plastic, Invisalign aligners are smooth and rest flat on teeth. With no sharp, protruding parts to cause injuries, your teen can play sports with friends and try out for school teams. 

3. No Food Restrictions

Wearing wire braces requires a change in diet. As the metal components are worn at all times, popcorn, candy, and other crunchy foods can get stuck in the crevices.

Your teenager can still enjoy their favorite foods while using Invisalign. They just need to remove the trays while eating and brush their teeth afterward before putting the aligners back in.

4. Whiter Smile

Invisalign allows teens to brush and floss their teeth without having to worry about brackets and wires getting in the way. This makes it easier for them to keep their teeth clean and properly care for their oral health while still improving their smile. Braces, on the other hand, make it harder to brush and floss, resulting in yellow marks on the teeth once they’re removed.


To improve your child’s oral health and self-confidence, contact Bolivar Family Dental. These dentists outfit Invisalign aligners for patients throughout Polk County and the surrounding communities. The family dentists also provide teeth cleaning as well as root canals. They can create permanent crowns on the same day—avoiding the need for temporary dental caps. For an appointment, call (417) 777-8654. Learn more about their staff online.