Flossing is a chore for many people, and it’s often abandoned for many reasons. However, this oral health practice can help you prevent tooth decay and other complications that could require frequent trips to the dentist. Here’s some advice on how to floss the right way.

What Are the Best Ways to Floss?

1. Focus on the C-Shape

Don’t vigorously draw the floss dentistback and forth or up and down. Instead, pull it away from the tooth to create a C-shape.

Then, slowly move it up and down the tooth to remove plaque and lodged food. Do this on both sides of each tooth.

2. Go All the Way to the Gumline

Plaque can begin building up at the gumline—an area that toothbrushes can’t address. There, it will harden into tartar and build up below the gumline, leading to gum disease. Make sure you floss all the way down to the gumline to remove visible and non-visible plaque.

3. Don’t Snap

Floss doesn’t always go smoothly between teeth. Forcing it, which results in a snapping sound, can damage your gum tissue.

Take your time. Slowly wiggle the floss back and forth at the tip of the crevice until it slides between your teeth.


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