No matter what your favorite type of bread is or how you use it, buying it from a local bakery offers some benefits that bigger box stores will never provide. Find a locally owned and operated shop that you like, and you’ll experience a difference in both quality and customer service. Here are a few benefits of buying bread locally. 

Benefits of Shopping Local for Baked Goods

1. Fresher Baked Goods

Loaves of bread can sit for days in grocery stores and were baked long before they were ever placed on the shelves. At a local specialty store, the products are baked every morning. You’ll know every time you shop there that you’re getting fresh-baked goodness.

2. Support Small Business

People are moving toward supporting small local businesses instead of shopping at big box stores. This ensures your money goes toward supporting a local resident or family. Supporting your neighbors also stimulates the local economy, since they’ll use their own paycheck to shop at other local stores.

3. Avoid Preservatives

bakeryBecause the baked goods go straight from the oven to the shelves, local stores don’t need to fill their products with preservatives. This means you’ll get to enjoy fresh, delicious food without those unwanted additives.

4. Greater Variety

Local bakeries specialize in artisan bread, so they can provide a greater selection. Whether you want to expand your palate with something new or find an old favorite, chances are they’ll have what you need. Most local shops also offer seasonal breads, so you can get into the spirit of the holidays with festive flavors. 

5. Better Ingredients

A specialized bakery cares about their products. This means they take the time to find the best quality ingredients from the best places, giving you a delicious, healthy, and fresh bread to take home.


Starting in Hokkaido, Japan in 1977, then arriving in Hawaii in 2013, BRUG Bakery has been the favorite Japanese bakery of locals and visitors alike in Honolulu, HI. They carry a selection of more than 70 baked goods, which are baked fresh every morning and made with the best-quality ingredients and recipes inspired by Hokkaido, Japan. Whether you choose a loaf bread, focaccia, or a sweet dessert, you can enjoy your bread knowing it was baked with no artificial preservatives or other additives. You can also choose from a selection of bread that changes with the seasons. Take a look at the bakery’s products online or contact them at (808) 945-2200 to speak with a friendly staff member today.