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About Zuhause Home Furniture Repair, LLC

From your grandmother's antique dresser to a sofa worn or damaged with age, Zuhause Home Furniture Repair, LLC has the services you need. Based in Park Hills, KY, they use proven furniture restoration techniques to bring new life into your furniture.


Whether the repairs needed are structural or aesthetic, this team’s services will turn back the clock for your dressers, tables, chairs, and more. Their restoration services include leather, outdoor, and wood furniture repairs, as well as touch-ups and restorations over existing finishes. They also provide furniture assembly if you have a difficult piece that’s causing trouble to put together. Regardless of the problems ailing your favorite pieces, you can trust this crew to have them looking like new again in no time.


When you want your favorite, room-enhancing piece of furniture fixed in a way that makes it feel brand new, Zuhause Home Furniture Repair has you covered. Receive the restorative services you need today by calling (989) 714-7451. Be sure to like their Facebook page to see examples of their work or visit them online for more information.