Whether you are thinking of selling your home, or just want to keep up with the Jones’s, there are lots of home improvement projects that will spruce up your exterior. It addition to increasing curb appeal, they can also add to your property’s value. The guide below offers some suggestions.

How to Update Your Outdoor Living Spaces

1. Landscaping

With the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect time to start making plans to beautify your garden come spring. Want a lush, green lawn? Call professional landscapers to aerate the grass before winter. You can also think about adding gardens or water features. If the lot or budget doesn’t allow for a major overhaul, think about planting a potted garden or adding window boxes. Strategize areas to put hanging baskets or a trellis for climbing plants like clematis, roses, or wisteria.

2. Decking

home improvementIf you have the acreage, installing a front porch or deck is a convenient way to add functional space to your house. Outfit it with a firepit for outdoor entertaining.

Alternatively, if you have an existing deck that is mossy or sagging, opt for repairs or a replacement. When warm weather returns, invest in some quality, matching porch furniture or a lovely swing for the front.

3. Create Clear Lines

There are a few ways to create a clear delineation of space outside the home. Begin by adding an interesting tiled or brickwork path that leads from the sidewalk to the front door, or around the side of the house. Install brick or paver edgings to front garden beds and trim back overgrown bushes and hedges to reveal the lines of the front of the home. Landscape lighting can further define these areas and help with safety at night.

4. Replace Siding, Roof, or Paint

Replacing the old siding or an unsightly roof will not only make a visible difference to your house, but it will also make it more resilient to the elements. Metal is a worthwhile option for dealing with Colorado snow and hail and comes in a wide range of colors to give the house a new lease on life. 


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