If you routinely experience headaches, chiropractic care could provide the pain management you need to get your life back. Any chronic pain can make even mundane tasks difficult and interfere with a happy mindset. Use this guide to learn more about chiropractic care for headaches to determine if this treatment option is right for you. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Recurring Headaches? 

Nutritional & Lifestyle Advice

When treating headaches, chiropractors focus on the reasons for the symptoms. They make appropriate suggestions once they identify the type of headache each patient experiences, such as a migraine or tension headache, as well as pain triggers. For example, stress is likely the cause behind frequent tension headaches, whether it's due to a looming project deadline at work or something going on in your personal life. Migraines have numerous triggers, including environmental factors like dehydration, hormonal changes, and sleep loss. They can also be symptoms of nervous system disorders or have hereditary ties. 

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Chiropractors offer nutritional guidelines that assist pain management efforts. Treatment may include increasing your water intake to avoid dehydration-related migraines or abstaining from certain foods and beverages that can cause headaches, such as bacon and coffee.

Chiropractic care experts also provide lifestyle advice that reduces pain. For example, poor posture puts stress on neck ligaments, causing neck-related headaches. As a result, your doctor might work with you to correct your posture. Depending on the root of the headache, lifestyle and diet changes might be enough to correct the problem.

Spinal Manipulation & Soft Tissue Therapies 

Chiropractors also use gentle spinal manipulations to relieve headache pain. When the vertebral column is off-center, it often puts pressure on the nervous system, which can result in head tension and discomfort. Restoring the spinal alignment can alleviate irritated nerves that send pain cues to the brain; this may significantly reduce the frequency of your headaches.

Massage is a soft tissue therapy that also provides pain management. The technique relaxes the body and limbs, reducing muscle tension that leads to migraines. Chiropractors often pair manual therapy with other forms of advice, such as recommending certain sitting positions that prevent tech neck.


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