During the summer, your air conditioning unit is undoubtedly one of your most-used appliances. Because of this dependency, it's good to find ways to support and optimize its use. Doing so will not only alleviate the cost of your utility bills but will also help your system last longer. If you're unsure where to start, consider doing the following. 

How to Improve Your AC Use This Summer

1. Weatherize Windows & Doors

When running your air conditioning unit, all windows and doors should be closed. However, if there are any cracks in or around them, the outside heat can still creep into your home, and the cool air can slip away. Those crevices should be patched up and repaired. 

You can go the extra mile and put up blackout curtains or even solar window film. These will reflect the heat away from the windows and keep it from heating the rooms. 

air conditioning unit

2. Use the Ceiling Fan

To help circulate cool air throughout your home, use your ceiling fan if you have one. Make sure it's set to rotate counterclockwise so that the air gets pushed down. Additionally, this will make the room feel cooler because of the windchill effect. This can help you lower the thermostat by one or even two degrees. While this might not seem like much, the energy- and cost-savings can add up over the months. 

3. Set the Thermostat Warmer When You're Away

To prevent your unit from turning on too frequently when you're out of the house, raise the temperature a few degrees before you leave. Then, when you return, adjust it back down to what's comfortable. 

To make matters even easier for you, use a programmable thermostat; you can set the temperature to lower again a few minutes before your return. Alternatively, use a smart thermostat that can be adjusted remotely from your smartphone. 


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