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About Metro Appraisal Associates

Since 1974, the knowledgeable experts at Metro Appraisal Associates has helped hundreds of property owners in Rochester with its residential and commercial appraisal services. Not only does the company appraise real estate properties in Monroe and nearby counties, Metro Appraisal Associates' network of experienced appraisers can help clients in all 50 states—and even Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

With the real estate market in a constant state of flux, appraisers knowledgeable about current market value is crucial. The team at Metro Appraisal Associates provides objective and fair valuation for a wealth of property types, including all manner of residential properties, estates, and commercial and industrial properties, along with corporate building sites.

But appraising the value of a property for residential or commercial needs is not the only task the company can tackle. The appraisers also provide services for:

  • PMI Appraisals
  • Mortgage Financing Appraisals
  • Matrimonial Appraisals
  • Tax Assessment Review Appraisals
  • Bankruptcy Appraisals
  • And much more

With Metro Appraisal Associates, you can expect a reliable and skilled team to provide honest real estate appraisals, saving you a considerable amount of time and money. No matter what type of property you need assessed, you can rely on their experience and proven methods.

Visit Metro Appraisal Associates online now to learn more about their appraisal servces, or just call (585) 225-3042 now to discuss your property today.