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About Beacon of Hope Realty

Let the Light lead you home

Are you a first time home buyer? While there are many options to search for a home on your own, a real estate agent is indispensable for pulling all the pieces of the transaction together. Beacon of Hope Realty serves both buyers and sellers in Grayson, Kentucky, by walking you through:

  • Buying a Home: Did you know that before closing, there are several processes that will need to take place? This includes setting up an escrow account to hold down your payment. A series of other proceedings will transpire, including getting the home appraised and inspected and signing several contracts. This is just a brief picture of what’s entailed. The real estate agents at Beacon of Hope Realty can handle and expedite all of these dealings for you.
  • Selling a Home: Do you have a house that's been sitting on the market for months? Get a faster and higher priced sale with the help of the best real estate agents in the region. Your seller’s agent will handle curb appeal, home staging, and finding the best listing price based on a market analysis.

Head over to Beacon of Hope Realty to make your dream of buying or offloading a home come true. With a goal of customer satisfaction and to earn repeat customers, you can count on the expertise and one-on-one attention when buying or selling your home. The agents can be reached by calling (606) 232-0070, or visit the website for more information.