The road to your family vacation spot may be long, but with some creativity and imagination, you can have fun spending quality time getting there. Until you make it to the RV campgrounds, use your travel time to generate excitement for your destination. Here are a few family-friendly road trip games to get you started.

Family-Friendly Games to Play on the Road

1. The Alphabet Game

Begin by choosing a category, such as animals or movie titles. Starting from the letter A, each passenger will name something from that category to correspond with each letter — like ant, bear, cat, all the way to zebra. The object of the game is to make it through the alphabet, and you once you’ve finished, you can move on to another category. This is a simple thinking game for family members of any age.

2. Twenty Questions

To play this game, one family member must think of a random person, place, animal, or object. The remaining passengers will ask up to 20 yes or no questions in order to correctly identify the chosen term. This classic parlor game will challenge your family to come up with creative questions and use deductive reasoning to figure out the answer.

3. Scavenger Hunt

RV campgroundsPrior to the trip, each passenger should make a list of 15 objects you might see on the way to the RV campgrounds. The objects shouldn’t be too obvious, like a stop sign or semi. Consider items like wind turbines, horses, helicopters, “road work” ahead signs, or a fallen tree. The first person to complete their list wins.

4. The License Plate Game

Print out a map or a list of all 50 US states before you start your trip. Every time you see a car with a state’s license plate, cross out that state on your sheet. The goal is to get all the states, but it doesn’t need to be completed on this trip. The quest can be an ongoing family effort long after you leave the RV campgrounds.


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