Heading out on the open road can be a great way to spend some downtime. People across the country are investing in RVs, making it easy to bring along the comforts of home during their journey. Make your next trip to the RV park even more fun by bringing along your pet. Follow these three tips to keep both you and your pet happy on your next adventure.

Ways to RV Comfortably With A Pet

1. Pack For Your Animal

Before hitting the road, think about what your animal will need. Pack items like collars, bedding, food, and even spill-proof bowls to avoid accidents when they’re eating or drinking during the trip. Toys, treats, and cleaning supplies will also be handy. Check items off your list as you pack them, and hit the pet store before your trip to stock up on supplies.

2. Schedule Regular Stops 

It’s important to give your dog breaks to use the bathroom and play when you have a long journey ahead. When planning your getaway, stay at RV parks along the route to your destination. This will make it easy to give your animal the time and room they need to stretch their legs. Scheduling regular stops will also give you the chance to enjoy your own journey.

3. Keep Your Pet Safe On the Road 

WhenRV park you’re traveling in an RV, keep your animal safe by kenneling them. Secure the kennel inside the RV to prevent it from sliding around while you’re driving. For animals that aren’t used to being kenneled, research other safety options like adjustable seatbelts that clip to your pet’s harness and buckle in where a seatbelt would.


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