For properties in a mobile home park, finding ways to improve energy efficiency is a top priority. Whether you notice uneven indoor temperatures during extreme weather or your bills have begun to rise, there are ways to create a cozy living space without breaking the bank. Here are five tips to follow.

How to Boost the Energy Efficiency in Your Mobile Home

1. Pay Attention to Window Air Conditioners

Make sure your AC unit fits snuggly in the window and seal as many gaps as you can. Outfit your mobile home’s window air conditioner with an insulated cover to block vents. Add weatherstripping to further prevent air leaks.

2. Use Caulking & Weatherstripping

mobile home park st. petersburg, floridaFill cracks, gaps, and holes with caulk and add weatherstripping around doors and windows to prevent air from escaping. Both materials offer flexibility, especially for moving parts, without allowing heat or cool air to leak out, or letting extreme temperatures in.

3. Install New Windows & Doors

Older windows and doors are often drafty. Glass may be cracked or compromised, and weatherstripping and insulation may be breaking down. These defects can contribute to the excessive use of energy.

If air is constantly seeping out of these cracks, your AC unit will have to work overtime to compensate. Upgrade your windows and doors to newer, more energy-efficient models.

4. Update the Roof

The sun beating down on your roofing can affect the internal temperatures of your mobile home. Installing a cool roofing coating is an effective solution. This will reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays to help cool off your living space. It also reduces strain on your air conditioner, lowering your monthly utility costs.

5. Inspect the Crawlspace

Skirting at the base of your home creates a barrier that can prevent energy from escaping through the crawlspace underneath the property. In addition to hiding other structural elements you may not want on display, it can also protect pipes under the mobile home from freezing or being exposed to the elements. Install a decorative skirting to add a pleasing aesthetic to your unit.


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