If you are nearing retirement, you may be considering downsizing your home and traveling. An option some retirees choose is buying a motor home and moving to an RV park. Here’s how to find out if this lifestyle might work well for you.

What Retirees Should Know About Long-Term Living in RV Parks


If you are paying property taxes, homeowner association fees, and the expenses of maintaining a large home or condo, purchasing and living in an RV could offer many benefits. Downsizing your property will likely save you money and valuable time. It will decrease your daily responsibilities and stress levels, giving you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to take care of a yard or other time-consuming features.

Many people who trade homes for permanent RV living find it lowers their overall costs. This can be extremely beneficial for those who are managing a budget on a fixed retirement income. Whether you take short or long trips, you’ll also always have personal accommodations, reducing health and safety concerns from traveling and staying in strange places.


RV-parkUnlike most standard homes, a typical RV is a maximum of  8.5 feet wide and 45 feet long, making your actual living space less than 400 square feet. Permanently switching to motor home living typically means major downsizing because an RV doesn’t have a basement or attic for storage. Before you drive off for good, plan on selling or giving away most of what you have accumulated over the years. If there are items you are unable to part with, consider renting a storage unit.

You will be more dependent on internet service and small appliances for routine tasks, such as making phone calls or preparing breakfast. To get a feel for the full-time mobile home experience, consider renting a motor home and living in a long-term RV park for a few months with your loved one.


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