Hotels and motels have always been staples of the travel experience, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has many people reconsidering how they vacation. Staying in a rented room—even if it has been sanitized—can be uncomfortable for some travelers. There is also the added risk of running into other guests in the hallways. RV parks offer a safer, attractive, and more comfortable alternative.

Why Travelers Should Stay in RV Parks

1. Control of the Environment

You can never tell who was previously in your booked hotel room, whether they were sick, or how well the area’s been cleaned. An RV, on the other hand, gives you complete control over the space.

Not only does it provide ample privacy, but you can also choose not to allow other visitors in. Since you’re in control, you can thoroughly sanitize surfaces and rest easy knowing your lodgings are as safe as possible.

2. Travel Off the Beaten Path

rv parkHotels tend to be clustered around popular tourist destinations, which can give vacations a packaged, inauthentic feel. RV parks have always been popular with travelers who want to explore, visit natural parks, or see roadside attractions. Traveling on the open road gives you the opportunity to see and experience local landmarks and special places that might be several hours from the nearest airport.

3. Travel at Your Own Pace

Booking a hotel usually means making travel plans several months in advance. This doesn't leave much room for chance or spontaneity.

Traveling in an RV gives you the power to decide where you want to go and when. It allows you to change plans at the last minute and embrace the spirit of adventure. No matter where you go, there will almost always be an RV park, campground, or empty parking lot nearby.


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