From preschool programs to high school, what your child eats for lunch can shape their learning experience. The food you pack for your child should give them the nutrition they need to keep their brain and body energized throughout the day. Use the tips below to ensure your child is eating a healthy and tasty lunch. 

How to Pack the Perfect School Lunch for Your Child

1. Peel, Cut, & Chop

Your child may have trouble peeling fruits like oranges, while snacks like pretzels and grapes might pose a choking hazard. Make sure you peel, cut, and chop any foods that might give your child a hard time. It will save your child and their teacher from doing these tasks themselves, giving your preschooler the time they need to enjoy their food.

2. Be Aware of Allergies 

preschoolIt helps to know the allergies of the other students in your child’s class. They may like peanut butter, but if one of their classmates is allergic, you may have to save the PB&Js for the weekends. Your teacher should send out a directory at the beginning of the year alerting you to any allergies that students may have.

3. Build Healthy Eating Habits

Preschool is the perfect time to start teaching your child about healthy eating. Make sure their main course has a balance of protein and carbs, and pack fruits and veggies for sides instead of snacks loaded in calories and sugar. Your child may protest at first, but if you can teach them the benefits of these healthy options, they’ll grow to keep these eating habits as they become young adults.

4. Let Your Child Help

You can turn packing lunch into a learning activity for your child by teaching them what goes into making their lunch. You can explain how to build a sandwich, why carrots are a better snack than cookies, and how fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, and apples are grown. This will not only help your child learn about food, but it will also build their culinary knowledge and skills as well.


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