Citizens State Bank

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117 W 1st, Groveton, TX 75845

About Citizens State Bank

Are you tired of dealing with commercialized banks? For a hometown name you can trust, turn to the experienced bankers at Citizens State Bank in Groveton, TX. From competitive products to local ownership, clients across the region will benefit from a strong commitment to customer-driven services. Whether you’re looking for a loan for a new home or a savings account for an emergency fund, these professionals have you covered.


With a rich history that dates back more than a century, this proven financial center offers a wide range of services for folks throughout the community. They take pride in helping clients select from checking and savings accounts, as well as IRAs and Certificate of Deposits (CDs). You can look forward to speaking with talented bankers to create a personalized plan to reach your future goals.


When the time comes to choose a bank for you and your family, put your faith in the team at Citizens State Bank. Call them today at (936) 642-1444 or visit them online for more information.


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(10 reviews)