Joseph P. Rigoglioso is a personal injury attorney in the Shelton, CT area who understands the importance of hiring a lawyer after an unexpected accident. Car accidents, slips and falls, workplace injuries, wrongful death, and other situations may warrant the need for legal expertise. Many clients are curious to know why they should consider hiring a personal injury attorney when they get hurt in one of these types of situations.

Many individuals feel as though their minor injury is not worth taking to court. However, a simple fall on ice may result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills over time. Even when a small, isolated incident occurs, it is still beneficial for clients to seek medical attention. This provides a record of the incident and will be evidence should the case go to court, and may include a doctor’s statement, x-rays, and photographs of the injury in question.

personal injury attorney

The courts have an extensive legal process, and navigating it on your own can be difficult. Having an experienced accident attorney from a reputable law firm is the best way to ensure success in the courtroom. A dedicated personal injury attorney will ensure that your medical bills are covered and that you receive a lump sum reimbursement for lifetime care and even payments to compensate for the wages you lost while you were healing.

If you have experienced an accident and believe you may have a potential case for personal injury, contact the law firm of Joseph P. Rigoglioso, Attorney at Law. He can be reached by calling the office at (203) 922-8100 and scheduling a consultation appointment. For more information, visit his website.