Maintaining fire safety at work is just as important as it is at home. Although most businesses have multiple fire extinguishers and other protection equipment readily available, it's also important to eliminate hazards from the workplace. Knowing the most common dangers and how to avoid them will keep your workers safe and prevent a costly disaster that hurts your business.

A Guide to Fire Hazards in the Workplace

1. Outdated Fire Protection Equipment

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires businesses to adhere to specific fire safety guidelines for fire safety, which include providing working fire extinguishers for employee use. These devices should be located within 75 feet of any work area and inspected annually. Equipment that isn't easily accessible or in good condition is dangerous to employees and may warrant a citation.

2. Combustible Materials

fire extinguisher

Office environments often contain many items that can easily catch fire, like upholstered chairs, loose papers, packing materials, and waste bins. Flammable liquids, such as cleaning supplies, inks, and adhesives, are also common in offices, and they can help a fire spread.

To reduce your risk, choose fire-resistant furnishings and store flammable liquids in fireproof cabinets. Don't allow rubbish bins to fill, and have a procedure for disposing of packaging safely to keep them away from any sources of ignition.

3. Damaged Power Cords

Fires can start if the power cords are damaged because they reveal the electrical wiring inside. Exposed wires can cause sparks that lead to fires, especially if they're close to combustible materials, like paper and carpet.

Using extension cords improperly, such as connecting multiple cords or plugging several devices into one cord, can also increase the risk of fire. Cords should only be used if they're in good condition, and using extensions should only be a temporary solution.


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