Lawn mowers are an investment, so if you're moving, you definitely want to take it with you. Yet, even if you've hired a moving company to do the heavy lifting, the machine still needs to be prepared for travel. Follow these four steps to ensure a safe journey. 

4 Prep Steps to Moving a Lawn Mower

1. Drain All Liquids

With the exception of electric models, lawn mowers rely on multiple solutions to run correctly. However, many of the liquids are also flammable, which poses a serious danger when the equipment is being jostled around indoors. For that reason, the fuel and oil must be completely drained and disposed of at a local hazardous waste recycling facility. 

2. Remove Any Dirt 

Dirt and grime build up quickly on mowers. To help keep your other belongings in the moving truck protected, take the time to thoroughly clean the equipment. Wipe down the body, undercarriage, and wheels with soap and water to get rid of grass and mud as well as any oil, fuel, or grease residue. Dump any clippings left in the mulch bag, if needed. 

3. Separate the Blades

moving companyBlades pose a danger to the moving company as well as furniture and other belongings stored in the truck. Reduce the risk of injuries and property damage by removing them ahead of time and packing them in a box. 

Once they're off, wipe away any hard-to-reach grime that was hidden in the prior cleaning, and then wrap the blades in bubble wrap to protect the packers and movers from sharp edges. If you’re handling the packing aspect yourself, be sure to label the box to make it easy to locate the blades once you arrive at the new home. 

4. Disconnect the Spark Plug

Even with the fuel removed, the mower can still start because of fumes in the tank. The last thing you want is for it to accidentally turn on along the journey. Thankfully, disconnecting the spark plug eliminates the risk altogether. 

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