Moving an aquarium from one room to another can be challenging enough, but what if you’re moving across the state? Not only do you have to get the tank itself to your new home, but you’ll also have to ensure your fish survive the journey in good health. If you’ve hired professional moving services to transport your aquarium, here are a few valuable tips for preparing your tank for their arrival.

Preparing to Move

At least a week before moving day, start gathering the equipment you’ll need to transport your fish. This will likely include a few clean buckets or plastic containers to transport the gravel and tank decorations, along with some individual plastic bags to keep the fish safe. If you don’t already have one, you should also get a battery-operated aerator and some tarps to protect the floor.

Transferring the Fish

professional moversWhenever you’re moving fish, it’s essential to put them in the same water they’re used to living in to avoid shock. Drain off enough water to fill new buckets or plastic bags for each fish.

Once you have the fish out of the tank and into their temporary homes, drain out the rest of the water. If you’ve moving a short distance away, take as much of this fluid with you as possible, especially if you have delicate saltwater fish. This will allow you to get them back into their tank as quickly as possible.

Packing the Equipment

Once the tank is empty, you’ll need to pack away any filtration devices or other equipment you need to create a healthy habitat. Next, disassemble the tank, thoroughly cleaning each part as you go.

Your moving service will have the expertise to pack away each component safely, but you may want to handle the disassembly yourself. Because anything that comes into contact with tank parts will likely get dirty, it’s best to use cushioning material and paper instead of the blankets provided by your professional movers.


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