Flat roofs are more susceptible to damage in the winter than traditional roofs since rain, snow, and debris don’t slide off them as easily. When allowed to accumulate, this can lead to leaks and sagging. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize your need for emergency roof repairs, as the guide below explains. 

How to Maintain Your Flat Roof in the Winter

1. Remove Debris

Debris like leaves and branches can settle on your flat roof if you have trees nearby or if a storm carries them over. Depending on how it settles, this debris can block water from traveling to your roof’s drains. This results in pooling, which could lead to sagging or even collapse. To prevent this, periodically remove debris from your roof by gently sweeping it away. Do this especially after a storm. 

2. Check for Damage

roof repairAfter you’ve cleared your roof of debris, look for any tears, holes, cracks, or blisters. If you see any of these, call a roof repair professional right away before the problem leads to interior water damage. Additionally, check your roof’s surface after a rainfall—if you see any puddles or standing pockets of water, there’s a chance that part of your roof is too low and needs to be refortified. 

3. Clean the Drain Grate

Flat roofs have one or more metal drain grates on their surface that channel water away from the roof and into the septic system, but they can become clogged. Clean them at least once per year—and preferably once per season—to prevent pooling that can erode your roofing materials.

To do so, simply remove grates with an adjustable wrench and pressure wash them with a garden hose until they’re clear. You may also want to have a professional clean your drains to be fully prepared for the winter.  


If you want your flat roof professionally inspected to make sure it’s safe for the winter, contact 1st American Roofing Co. in Lafayette, CO. This locally owned and operated company has over 30 years of experience in providing their clients with a wide array of services, including roof repair and new roof installations. They can also help you navigate the insurance claims process. To schedule an estimate, give them a call at (720) 203-2900 or visit them online for more information.