Drug-related crimes can have serious consequences, including fines and imprisonment. Drug charges are also complex, as punishments vary according to the type of drug, how much of it a person possessed, and whether it was for personal use or distribution. If you are facing drug charges of any kind, it's best to talk to a criminal defense lawyer to learn what repercussions you might expect and how to mitigate them. Here are some common questions and answers about these charges.

A Guide to Drug Charges in North Carolina

What are the types of drug crimes?

The most common drug crime is possession of an illegal substance. However, there are also charges for manufacturing, distribution, and trafficking. These tend to have more severe consequences. For example, a charge of "possession with intent to sell" could bring a tougher sentence than possession.

How are illegal drugs classified?

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In North Carolina, punishment for drug offenses is based on the class of drug. The categories range from Schedule I drugs, which are deemed a greater threat to society, to Schedule VI drugs, which are considered less harmful. Examples of Schedule I drugs include heroin and ecstasy, while marijuana is a Schedule VI example. 

What are the possible penalties?

The penalty depends largely on the drug schedule. Possession of a Schedule I controlled substance is a Class I felony, which can bring a sentence ranging from four months in jail to five years in prison. Possession of a Schedule VI substance is typically a misdemeanor and can result in up to 10 days in jail.

What are some possible defenses?

A criminal defense lawyer may question whether evidence was illegally obtained, such as through an illegal search by police. They may also question whether your Fifth Amendment rights, protecting you against self-incrimination, were violated. The exact defense will depend on the details of your case. 


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