If you’ve ever gone out for dinner at an upscale restaurant or treated yourself to a day at the spa, you most likely saw a couple candles. Candles create romantic, relaxing, and comforting atmospheres, and come in many colors and scents to set any mood. Here are 4 ways incorporating candles into your home decor can bring luxury and wellness into your space.

4 Benefits of Using Candles in Home Decor 

1. Luxurious Look

homedecorEven when they’re not lit, candles on display and elegant holders add a luxurious element to a fireplace mantel or your tables. Jar candles come in many shapes and colors and can add a bright pop to bathrooms, tables, or shelves.

Choose candles in colors that match the rest of your home decor, or rotate shades based on the season. Orange and yellow candles, for example, bring a leafy autumn flair into your home, while coral and teal add a coastal touch that’s perfect for the summer months. 

2. Fragrance

The sense of smell has been shown to be closely linked to memory and emotion. By filling your home with scented candles in aromas you enjoy or have nostalgic feelings for, you can evoke positive feelings that improve your well-being. You might want a sugar cookie-scented candle for the kitchen, or a seaside scent for your bathroom. Pick and choose when to light each one and you can fill your home with any scent you like.

3. Ambiance

The glow of a flame can be very comforting and instantly create a warm ambiance. Whether you’re relaxing in your bathtub or sharing a glass of wine with a significant other, candlelight is a more relaxing and romantic alternative to harsh artificial lighting.

4. Better Sleep

Studies show that using blue-light electronics right before bedtime makes it more difficult to fall asleep. To relax and get ready for bed, ditch the devices and light a candle on your nightstand instead, reading a book or a magazine under the candlelight. The time away from harmful artificial lighting should help you fall asleep, and using natural scents like lavender can even further relax you.


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